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Battle 22: The Tower of Lookover

A battle to relish! Excitement comes in large proportions from start to finish in this battle. Completing all three objectives at once can be quite satisfying as well! Either way, here are the three main objectives of the battle:

1: Stop the thieves from stealing all the ruins treasure (And steal it for yourself)

2: Find Hagane!

3. Win the battle!

Battle preperation

There are a few things needed in order to complete these tasks succesfully. Firstly you need to include all of your fast moving characters in the team. Eldar, Dantares, Cybel and Frank make a good ruins team! You must give to one of your team the Elbesem orb. This is because the thieves will only drop one piece of treasure for each attack. So if you kill it in one hit then you could lose some of the treasures. The weak attacking force of the elbesem orb is perfect for sucking the treasure out of the thieves before you finish them off. Another good idea is to take all three healers into this battle with you as some of the new enemies introduced in this battle are quite strong.

Lets Fight!

Okaay! Let us begin, firstly you need to get a team into the ruins to chase after the thieves. But wait until they have stolen all the treasure before you approach them. The more patient you are the more rewards you will recieve. The best thing to do is block the exits (with your team mates!) and slowly obtain the treasure using the elbesem orb on the thieves. Don't forget to kill the blood borns on the way, they may be weak but their paralysing attack can render you useless at times.

As well as obtaining the treasure, you must also inspect the highlighted pillar. This reveals Hagane the ninja who will join your force provided that you go on to complete the battle. If you do not complete the battle then you will need to go through the ruins and find him again next time. But remember, you don't get a second chance with the thieves. Once they exit you won't see them again, and that Wendigo wand will be lost! So make sure you get it right the first time. The Wendigo wand is definitly worth it!

See that pillar there? Yup, thats the one. Stand next to it, hit inspect, and Hagane will appear!


After the ruins of course its back to buisness. Chasing that snake Fiale, who will by now have made his way to the top of the tower to greet Duke Palsis. Strangely enough Fiale threatens to kill him and then just stands there waiting or something...either way. Work your way up the tower, slaying everything in sight until you get to Fiale. The Cerberus is a new enemy in this battle and can prove to be a nasty character. As well as being downright annoying for blocking the stairway! His fire brt attack is one to watch out for, he also has a relatively high defence level, be wary around this enemy.

As for the Harpy's, kill them as soon as possible!! Their panic attack will induce much annoyance onto the games player and much confusion onto its selected victim. Basically the Harpy can confuse your team mates, resulting in your own team mates attacking eachother!! This can be fatal, especially if a strong character like Synbios is confused, he'll go around killing everyone!

Lizard men can also be a pain, they have a high attack and often perform critical hits. But otherwise shouldn't cause any problems. Once all of these enemies are dealt with its time to take on the snake Fiale. Weakening him with the elbesem orb attack is a good idea to get started, unlike the inferior vandal he will take damage from attacks before the orb is used. But once the orb has done its buisness Fiale will find himself taking alot of damage indeed.

Make sure that all of your team mates are standing right next to eachother around Fiale as well. If a single character is caught on his own by Fiale then he will kill him with the Wendigo summon. So watch out, and do exactly that to him. Use your newly aquired wendigo wand to inflict mass amounts of damage to him, get Synbios to use Phoenix on him as well and the fiend should be dead in no time. Then its just a case of watching the story afterwards!

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