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Battle 20: Save Lord Conrad!

First of all, a note on the character icons in this guide. In previous maps, pictures of the characters have been used, from now on there are more than 12 possible characters in the Synbios battalion and the line up on the map is not always the same. Therefore all the team members (excluding Synbios himself) are marked on the map in a blue diamond form.

Now, on with the fun! This battle is fast and furious. Just how I like them, the terrain is cramped. With pillars and walls everywhere it will be difficult to manoeuvre your troops. In order to help win the battle, make sure that you bring all your magicians and long range attackers into battle.

Synbios begins the battle at the top of the second staircase facing Lord Conrad and Fiale. Make sure that you attack Fiale at least once to obtain the "Ships Key" from him. After the battle, this item will be given to Zero who will take it to Prince Medion in scenario 2. Otherwise, attacking Fiale is almost pointless. He cannot be killed and will eventually run away like a coward. Leaving you to deal with the remaining Masked Monks and company.

The Masked Monks here however are far different from those encountered in the first battle. Without the demon gate of Elbeseem their powers have increased! They are much stronger now, with higher statistics and a new poison attack. They can be quite lethal depending on the level of your team-mates, but killing them is rich in experience points!

The Hydra's are fairly annoying too, with their acid breath attack decreasing defence and agility of anyone it is unleashed upon. Their normal attack is fairly tame however…and at this point of the game they should be easy to kill. Hell Hounds are another obstacle in this battle, and the only trouble that they bring is paralysis! Attacks are weak, but the paralyse attack can be frustrating.

There are also a few Blood Borns here too. They have a rather high defence, but attacking is fairly sub-standard. They also wield the paralyse-attack so have plenty of antidote herbs available!

My only other advice is to do this battle more than once. Those Masked Monks will bring good experience points to your team-mates!

Other more hardened players like myself will be curious as to how much damage Fiale can take before he retreats. It is quite possible to rush your other team-mates up to help Synbios attack him. His HP goes down rapidly as you attack him, but it stops at a point and he takes no further damage. It is rather enjoyable, and only gives you a taste of what to look forward to when you finally kick his arse in Lookover!

Another note: When you receive the Ships Key, make sure it is in the posession of a team member at the end of the battle. If it is deposited at the team base then it will not be given to Zero for scenario 2! :(

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