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Battle 15: Escape back to Republican soil!

The route throughout this battle is straightforward enough, which means you don't have to worry about splitting your team up - you can just focus on the task in hand! One word of warning though - don't rush forward with your heavy troops and leave your weaker characters lagging at the back, or when the Aspia Soldiers appear with their ambush you'll be left exposed at the back. It's better to stick together in a group and keep a tough fighter at the front and back as a sort of "escort" - Dantares and Obright are perfect for these positions with high attack and defence, plus also the weapons they have equipped will be strong against the Aspian troops.

Before taking on the soldiers on the bridge, send Eldar over to get the White Ring in the treasure chest, but be wary of the WingKnights! If Eldar's quite weak they pose a threat, so scan their movement and attack ranges with the C button and be sure to keep out of their way! Once you've got the White Ring, bring Eldar back into the main squad, as she can be quite useful for flying by the side of the bridge and finishing opponents off.

The bridge itself can be quite tough, so get in formation early - put Dantares and Synbios at the front, with Hayward and Grace hanging behind for long range attacks and healing respectively. Advance slowly towards the bridge, keeping formation as tightly as you can and try to draw the guards out.

Once you've conquered the bridge, the main target then is General Garzel as he's the leader - kill him and the battle is over! Make sure Dantares is at the front, as his spear-class weapon will be strong against Garzel's sword, and use as much magic as you can afford. Make sure your main characters are kept pretty much fully healed-up and pound Garzel into submission. The MasterMages are pretty weak, so you can probably get away with leaving them, but if you really want the experience then ensure Garzel doesn't catch you out - heal regularly and always err on the side of caution.

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