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Battle 12: Destroy the Vandal!

For all experience point freaks. This is your moment! All the characters can gain up to level 10 on this battle and can therefore be promoted. Either way, this battle is still a tough nut, especially as half the enemies shown here are not there to start with...they appear on the scene when you cross certain points of the map. All the Lich's and the vampire bats on the map above are not there to begin with but will appear from their holes within due course. The two skeletons beside the lich at the top of the stairs will also appear along with the others. Whats the message here? All is not what it seems! As King Benetram mutters before the battle, be cautious. This is no ordinary enemy.

The skeletons have a high defence level, they also have a high luck level which means they will shower you with critical hit attacks. The lich's are very good at avoiding attacks the enemies here are not a walkover. Make sure that the barrels at the top left of the map are destroyed as it will allow later access to the door behind it (After the battle you can go inside and find the dark ring).

This part of the battle ends when you kill all the enemies. After which the story will take over for a minute and the vandal will appear. Below is a diagram of the balcony showing where the vandal and his minions await.

An enemy of particular note here is the Succubus. Equipped with blaze level 2 and a confusing special attack, it is vital that she is killed as soon as possible. The two Lich's shown here do not appear from the holes until one of your army enters the newly opened room. If you like, you can hover Eldar over one of the holes, thus blocking the lich from appearing. But that would just be cheating!

As marked on the map, you can find a block of dark matter. This can be used later on in the game to make cursed weapons...or it can be sold for money, which is what I often do.

Once all of the Vandals associates are dealt with, it is time to finish him off. Make sure you use Kahns Elbeseem Orb attack to breach his magic barrier first and then surround hiw with four high attacking charcaters. Make sure they are all healed fully as the Vandals Photon Rage attack will take of most hp. He also posses the regret hit attack, which takes away all hp except for 1. Another idea is to avoid positioning your team mates next to eachother, the green slimy guy also has Spark level 1...enough said.

Another annoying thing about this guy is, like the Lich, he can avoid attacks very frequently. He also recovers 20 hp after every turn he makes. But keep plugging away and you should have him nailed. Then its onwards to see the newly revived village of Quonus.

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