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Battle 11: Let Kahn do his business!

This battle is one of the most annoying of the first Scenario. Mainly because you can't fight the Kyon-Shi! These peons of the Inferior Vandal are actually the villagers of the town under a curse, as Kahn explains before the battle and therefore he must deal with them rather than you. Killing all the townsfolk is not a good idea, especially as three of them work in the shop, so if you kill them then you can't get items after the curse is lifted. Also, one of them is a secret character...Noon. See the characters section for more about this.

The other reason that this battle is so annoying is that Kahn is not under your control, therefore it is up to a computer controlled character to save the day. He will join the team after this battle but until then he will be controlled by the Saturn. So...what do you do then? Simple, walk around the map allowing Kahn to follow you, he will use his Elbeseem Orb attack on the Kyon-shi's to restore them to safety. Just so that you aren't completely useless, there are some other enemies that you can kill at free will. At first though, they are not visible. They are concealed in Gravestones, and once you cross a certain point of the map the gravestone will crumble and the enemy will appear from the rubble.

Here are the enemies:
· A few vampire bats should not present too much of a problem, although they do steal HP.
· The Skeleton will be a strong enemy compared to those faced on the previous battle
· The Lich is also tough. In fact, one of the most annoying characters in the game that seems to be able to dodge the majority of your attacks, especially arrows from Hayward. The Lich is also armed with Tornado Level 3, so spread yourselves out to avoid him using it on more than one of your party.

Other hints:
· When moving your troops. Try to make sure they stand next to eachother when the Kyon-Shi attack, this will line the enemies up in batches which will make it possible for Kahn to use his Orb on multiple Kyon-Shi. As said before, do not use this tactic when the Lich appears, or he will use Tornado level 3 and blow you all away!

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