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Battle 6: Save Irene and defeat the Thieves!

The key to winning the Irene battle is speed of movement - divide your squad into two teams to head into the left and right entrances under the crates marked 1 and 2 on the map. This will take you into the crates where you'll face a Dark Mage and a Scaven.


Main section:The barrel nearest to Irene contains Healing Rain
- make sure you get it!


Inside the Crates: The central barrel contains a Healing drop!

Bring your groups to meet in the middle by the barrel, then place a character in the gap created to hold the route open for your characters to run through. It should be possible to get Dantares or Masqurin through if you're lucky, but it shouldn't take any longer than three turns to get someone through the crates and out on the other side.
Once you're there, talk to Irene and she'll join your squad. Just make sure she doesn't get killed or you'll lose her and have to start again! Fight off the rest of the enemies - the battle ends when only the birdman on the crates is left standing.

Note: If you save Irene and then retreat from the battle she will no longer be in your team, you must talk to her and go on to win the battle to secure her permenantly.


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