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Review : Shining Force 2: TSOH
The Sword Of Hayja (TSOH) was the first Shining Force on the Game Gear. It seems that it's just a piece ripped from the Shining Force CD game, but since I don't have a Sega CD, I cannot confirm it.


The main menu at the start of the game


You are a splendid fighter with a mighty sword and your first goal in the game is to retrieve the Sword Of Hayja. When you find the sword however, the game is not completed as you are forced to battle a greater evil in Iom. On your travels, you meet some friends who join you in the struggle against evil.
Well, the story is simple and so is the game. I found it very disappointing that I was unable to talk to people, search barrels and walk around (such as in SHF1). The only interactive part of the game is combat, and you'll have to do with that.
The combat is okay, however. You can search a bit while fighting and the graphics are pretty good for the GG (as you can see here). There are some weird things, though. One of them is the 15 mp costing Slow and Sleep level 1 spells. I already doubt that anyone would use those, but okay, they can affect up to 13 foes at a time. It becomes really strange when you gain Sleep and/or Slow level 2. These also cost 15 mp, but they can affect 1 person only! That's one way to waste magic points....
The game might still be fun to play, especially if you don't own a Megadrive (and you have never heard of emulation).


Some in-battle action




Reviewed by:Devlyn
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